Library News!

Sora (our e-book vendor) is offering approximately 100 additional free e-books to our YRDSB library for a 90 day period. This donation is meant to support our students with extra reading materials during the school closures. All of the donated titles are “simultaneous copies”, meaning any number of students can read them at once. The titles will be  a mixture of newer and older books. They will likely be “live” on YRDSB Sora sites starting Monday. We are very grateful to Sora for providing access to additional e-books during the school closure. To access Sora, log onto​ , and type 0 + your student number. 

In addition, most students had the opportunity to visit our German Mills P.S. Library this week to return and sign out books for the extended school break.

Have a safe, healthy school break, & happy reading!

Sharing our Learning

Grade 7’s in Ms. Ghafouri’s class are learning about discrimination and what we can do to stop it. Mrs. Adams read, “I Didn’t Stand Up” by Lucy Falcone to help students reflect upon the importance of standing up for others. 

As our Touchstone says, “ We take responsibility for our actions; we do the right and stop the wrong.” This includes standing up to bullying in all its forms.