Things to know…

Hey GMPS community! 

We have had an incredible first few days at school. Thank you to everyone for your contribution to a smooth and happy beginning. We kicked off our morning together with a whole school reading of our Touchstone and a sing along of ‘Try Everything’ and it was pretty moving!  

Our classrooms are already hard at work engaging in the curriculum and getting excited for what’s to come. Many of us have jumped into a week of inspirational math with expert Jo Boaler. Have a look at this link for what it’s all about, Inspirational Math

Thank you to everyone for filling out the Book of Forms and for reading through our school information packages. Please make sure you have registered for cash online so you don’t miss out on our hot lunches, school BBQ and other exciting happenings. 

Come in to the school in the next little while to see our Touchstone wall and other projects. Or come rest awhile on our benches out front. Pretty soon we will be asking for interested people to help plant our gardens!

Thursday is going to be another hot day so please send kids with lots of water and in appropriate clothing!  We will do our best to keep it cooler.