Parent Workshops

The wonderful thing about being a part of a community is that we are able to support and encourage one another.  One of the ways your School Council has decided to support our community is to offer family night events, like Movie Nights and BBQs, and they have been a tremendous hit! We look forward to more events in 2017.

Another way they support the community is by offering Parent Workshops to further our learning and support us in our journey as parents.  So far we have had a Nutritionist come and speak about healthy and balanced nutrition for our kids, and a Child Psychologist and Professor of Education come to speak about Reading and how best to support our children in Language.  They have provided some great learning!

In 2017 we have a few more Parent Workshops being offered.  The first one is on January 24th, titled ‘Putting Worries in a Box’.  More information will be coming over the next few weeks.  Everyone is welcome and childcare will be available for pre-registrants.  The cost of all of these workshops is covered by the Parents Reaching Out Grant, so there is no cost to our community.  Come on out and bring a friend or two!

Johnsview Village has a series of parent workshops being offered that they have extended an invite to.  Please see the attached flyer for thier upcoming