Your Donation Dollars at Work

Thank you SO much for all you do to support us here at GMPS – not just financially, but through volunteering and supporting our in school and after school initiatives.

This year we ran a Donation Drive to support the building of our Playground.  Our goal was $28,000 so that we could have our Playground this Spring and we still have a long way to go.  The Donation has got us started, with $4107.75 raised.  With the school contributions and last years contributions we are now roughly $18,000 short of our final amount.  We will be having a Dance A Thon later this year and proceeds from that will go to the Playground Fund.  We continue to issue tax receipts for any donations to the school.  If you would like more information about the Playground, please speak to our School Council and the Playground Committee.  You can email Council at

Thank you!

Our Cookie Dough Fundraiser was a HUGE success!  We raised a total of $2745.08 and hope that everyone is happily enjoying thier product.  This money is in the School Council account and will be used to support the Fundraising Plan.  New Phys.Ed equipment, Movie Night License, XDance, Technology, Bussing for trips and our Music Program are some of the areas that this money will go towards.  For more information, please join us at our School Council Meetings or connect with our Council at