Music Alive Festival

On March 28th, 2017, the Junior Band, consisting of thirty-seven grade seven students and one grade eight student, went to the Music Alive Festival. We presented our two songs, Creatures in the Attic written by Brian Balmages. and Apollo Fanfare, written Robert W. Smith. While we were there, we heard some amazing performances from the other two schools and their amazing music teachers! When we went up to perform our pieces, we were given great constructive criticism, as well as positive remarks and comments. The adjudicator was very surprised when he found out that we had only started practicing in September! The grading system had four levels: bronze, silver, gold, and only for the most outstanding performances, platinum. After we got back, Mrs. Arnokouros told us what award we received: PLATINUM! We are so excited and feel lucky to have been apart of this year’s Music Alive festival. Thank you Mrs Arnokouros, for encouraging to strive to do our best and to always keep the music alive!

By: Noam Aufgang, Julia Petrucci, Aliana Jamal

3 on 3 Tournaments

German Mills is proud to be hosting the first ever Maverick Madness 3 on 3 basketball tournament. The tournament is open to all grade 6,7 and 8 students. Over 50 players have signed up already and we will have 12 teams participating in the tournament. The Madness begins April 18th and will run for 4-5 weeks. We encourage all grade 6,7 and 8 students to come out and watch the excitement. Season passes are available for $5 and all proceeds will go towards the grade 8 graduation. Snacks and Drinks will also be available during the games which will be played during lunch recess. Keep watching blog for all your Maverick Madness news and updates!

Our Feet were made for Dancing…

What an incredible day!  We had A LOT of fun dancing and at last count we were just shy of $8500.00!!!!!!!  Can you believe it?! Raffle draws are happening on Monday so it’s not too late to send in your pledges!  WAY TO GO MAVERICKS!  Unbelievable. 

Thank you to Bounce Entertainment for keeping us moving all day and for the volunteers who came in to help us out. 

Dancing Update!

At this very moment we have raised an INCREDIBLE $7959.20!!!!!  This is $40.80 short of our second highest goal. That’s $40.80 from Mrs.Cameron dying her hair!!! This is $2040.80 from our major goal BUT we are over the moon excited and are certain that over the next few days more donations will trickle in.

At present we have earned Mrs.Cameron on the roof and an afternoon of play!



Check This Out!!!

OUR PLAYGROUND Details! – click this link!

We want you to be excited about our new Playground!  Click on the link above to get ‘flyby’ images of the playground and click on the right hand side tabs of that page to learn about all of the great features of the playground!!!

With ONE DAY left to our Dance-A-Thon hosted by Bounce Entertainment we want you to get your pledges ready and GET EXCITED!  GO MAVERICKS!!!!!!!

A Couple of Things…

We have had a great week back from the holiday!  There is an excitement around the school as we gear up for our Dance-a-thon next week and as we start to enjoy more sunshine and warmer temperatures.  We are hopeful that the fields will dry quickly so that we can spread out again at recess time.  We are still looking for Lunch Assistants if you or anyone you know is interested in helping out.

Don’t forget that TODAY is the last day to order Pizza, Milk, Subs and Frozen Yogurt.


Our Junior students are going skating next week, our Grade 3’s are off to the ‘Swim to Survive’ program and our Grade 7 band is playing at the Music Alive Festival.  We also have our 3 on 3 Basketball tournament (proceeds towards Graduation) and our Junior Basketball Team has 2 games.  It is BUSY!

Our lunchtime Chess program is wrapping up next week and our Karate program is underway.  If you are interested in Coding, we have a lunch program coming just for you!

Our biggest event next week is the DANCE-A-THON!  We are in the homestretch for the Playground and are hoping to raise as much of the $10,000 as possible to see the Playground arrive in May!  This can happen if every student raises $40 each.  BOUNCE Entertainment is coming to DJ the event and we expect to be hopping all day long.  The class that raises the most money will get a Pizza Party!  Pledge forms are due the day of the Dance.  Please see below for a reminder of some of our incredible prizes that have been donated by staff and Bounce.


  1. If we raise $6,000 Ms. Cameron will move to the roof for the day
  2. If we raise $7,000 Ms. Cameron will move to the roof for the day and we cancel classes for an afternoon of play
  3. If we raise $8,000 Ms. Cameron will move to the roof for the day, cancel classes for an afternoon of play, and dye her hair
  4. If we raise $10,000 Ms. Cameron will do all the above and buy glass backboards for the gym!

Ms. Cameron:    Principal for the Day & Wendy’s lunch with the Principal (bring 3 friends)

 Ms. Filler:            Art Activity at lunch for you and 4 friends

Ms. Bergart:        Play inside during lunch recess with 4 friends

Ms. Chudy:          Kindergarten teacher for a morning

Mr. Bauman:       Play in the library with building toys at lunch

Mr. Bendahan:    Recess in the gym for the winner and 5 friends

Ms. Arnokouros:Recess in the music room with drums and/or piano

Mr. Chu:                2x Lunch Recess in the Gym for you and your class

Ms. Baczynski:   Recess in the gym for the winner and some friends

Mr. Lieberman:  Jonas Valanciunas’ shoes!  He is the starting center for the Toronto Raptors.  The winner may have/wear the shoes for 1 day!

Ms. Frohlinger:  Movie and popcorn recess for winner and 5 friends

Lunch Art: Paint a picture, friendship bracelets, or fun with plasticine with 3 friends

Ms. Ghafouri:      Movie and popcorn prize at lunch for winner and 5 friends

Ms. Kopstick:      Play inside during lunch recess with 4 friends

Ms. Adams:          Play inside during lunch recess with 4 friends

Ms. Pivetta:         Technology recess for winner and up to 10 friends

Ms. Mauchan:     Grade 1 Teacher for the day

Mrs. Ferrari:        Movie lunch with friends

Mrs. Goldberg:    Movie lunch with friends

Bounce:                  Promotional give aways