Music Alive Festival

On March 28th, 2017, the Junior Band, consisting of thirty-seven grade seven students and one grade eight student, went to the Music Alive Festival. We presented our two songs, Creatures in the Attic written by Brian Balmages. and Apollo Fanfare, written Robert W. Smith. While we were there, we heard some amazing performances from the other two schools and their amazing music teachers! When we went up to perform our pieces, we were given great constructive criticism, as well as positive remarks and comments. The adjudicator was very surprised when he found out that we had only started practicing in September! The grading system had four levels: bronze, silver, gold, and only for the most outstanding performances, platinum. After we got back, Mrs. Arnokouros told us what award we received: PLATINUM! We are so excited and feel lucky to have been apart of this year’s Music Alive festival. Thank you Mrs Arnokouros, for encouraging to strive to do our best and to always keep the music alive!

By: Noam Aufgang, Julia Petrucci, Aliana Jamal