A Couple of Things…

We have had a great week back from the holiday!  There is an excitement around the school as we gear up for our Dance-a-thon next week and as we start to enjoy more sunshine and warmer temperatures.  We are hopeful that the fields will dry quickly so that we can spread out again at recess time.  We are still looking for Lunch Assistants if you or anyone you know is interested in helping out.

Don’t forget that TODAY is the last day to order Pizza, Milk, Subs and Frozen Yogurt.


Our Junior students are going skating next week, our Grade 3’s are off to the ‘Swim to Survive’ program and our Grade 7 band is playing at the Music Alive Festival.  We also have our 3 on 3 Basketball tournament (proceeds towards Graduation) and our Junior Basketball Team has 2 games.  It is BUSY!

Our lunchtime Chess program is wrapping up next week and our Karate program is underway.  If you are interested in Coding, we have a lunch program coming just for you!

Our biggest event next week is the DANCE-A-THON!  We are in the homestretch for the Playground and are hoping to raise as much of the $10,000 as possible to see the Playground arrive in May!  This can happen if every student raises $40 each.  BOUNCE Entertainment is coming to DJ the event and we expect to be hopping all day long.  The class that raises the most money will get a Pizza Party!  Pledge forms are due the day of the Dance.  Please see below for a reminder of some of our incredible prizes that have been donated by staff and Bounce.


  1. If we raise $6,000 Ms. Cameron will move to the roof for the day
  2. If we raise $7,000 Ms. Cameron will move to the roof for the day and we cancel classes for an afternoon of play
  3. If we raise $8,000 Ms. Cameron will move to the roof for the day, cancel classes for an afternoon of play, and dye her hair
  4. If we raise $10,000 Ms. Cameron will do all the above and buy glass backboards for the gym!

Ms. Cameron:    Principal for the Day & Wendy’s lunch with the Principal (bring 3 friends)

 Ms. Filler:            Art Activity at lunch for you and 4 friends

Ms. Bergart:        Play inside during lunch recess with 4 friends

Ms. Chudy:          Kindergarten teacher for a morning

Mr. Bauman:       Play in the library with building toys at lunch

Mr. Bendahan:    Recess in the gym for the winner and 5 friends

Ms. Arnokouros:Recess in the music room with drums and/or piano

Mr. Chu:                2x Lunch Recess in the Gym for you and your class

Ms. Baczynski:   Recess in the gym for the winner and some friends

Mr. Lieberman:  Jonas Valanciunas’ shoes!  He is the starting center for the Toronto Raptors.  The winner may have/wear the shoes for 1 day!

Ms. Frohlinger:  Movie and popcorn recess for winner and 5 friends

Lunch Art: Paint a picture, friendship bracelets, or fun with plasticine with 3 friends

Ms. Ghafouri:      Movie and popcorn prize at lunch for winner and 5 friends

Ms. Kopstick:      Play inside during lunch recess with 4 friends

Ms. Adams:          Play inside during lunch recess with 4 friends

Ms. Pivetta:         Technology recess for winner and up to 10 friends

Ms. Mauchan:     Grade 1 Teacher for the day

Mrs. Ferrari:        Movie lunch with friends

Mrs. Goldberg:    Movie lunch with friends

Bounce:                  Promotional give aways


Gr 7&8 Adventures

This week our Intermediate Students have been out and about and having fun!  They ventured off to the Clatworthy Arena for some skating time AND just yesterday spent the day at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.  One of our GMPS students, Taylor, was starring in the show ’13:The Musical’ and we were there to cheer him on!!!  It was a fantastic performance and the musical theatre workshops that followed were both educational and fun.



March Break

We are ‘Springing Forward’ this weekend  (so change your smoke detector and Carbon Monoxide detector batteries) and I wanted to wish everyone a happy, safe, and healthy March Break.  Though I know not everyone is able to take time off this coming week, I hope that everyone is able to spend a little extra time doing something fun with their families.  When we return from the break, things will get busy really quickly and I am looking forward to what Spring at GMPS has in store for all of us.

Enjoy next week!


School Assistants Urgently Needed at GMPS!

Are you or anyone you know interested in being a School Assistant?

School assistants provide supervision inside while the students are eating their lunch in the classrooms, and outside on the playground while the children are at play. This is a paid position ($11.97 per hour + 4% vacation pay), requiring one hour of work per day. Our lunch hour is 12:50 p.m.–1:50 p.m. daily. Requirements include a volunteer screening by the York Region Police and a statement of good health from your family doctor. If you are interested in this position, or know someone who would be, please contact the school office at 905.889-8776 or via e-mail at german.mills.ps@yrdsb.ca.