Raffle Monday

CONGRATULATIONS Mavericks!  Your generousity and support is greatly appreciated and truly overwhelming.  Our Dance A Thon total is now at an all-time high at $9079.65!  Can you believe it?!?

For those of you who are waiting to make your donations – if you would like them to count for the raffle, please get your donations in by Monday morning.  We will be drawing for the raffle prizes on Monday afternoon and will announce the winners on the PA system at the end of the day.  Winners will recieve a certificate and will be able to make arrangements with the teachers for dates to claim the prizes.

The voting for Ms. Cameron’s hair is well underway – the link no longer requires you to sign in to vote, so if that previously discouraged you, please go back and try again.  With the parent group (49 votes), the Maverick Blue is in the lead.  With the students and staff, the Lime Green is in the lead.  VOTE here!