GMPS at the Science Fair

The York Region Science and Technology Fair at York University was a great experience for us, educationally and socially. There were 112 projects, 170 competitors, and 70 judges.The night before the fair, Mrs.Ghafouri and Mr.Baumann joined us for a dinner and a presentation called “Frozen Science”, put on by York professors. We got to meet a polar explorer who made documentaries on Antarctica and the Arctic. Other scientists shared their discovery of snow on Mars, and many other interesting environmental observations.

On the day of the fair, we got to look at all the other projects. Many of them were very creative and artistic. We also got to explore York University and some of the cool rooms and operations. The grade 7-8 division that we were part of had unbelievable projects and creations. We learned many new things from the other contestants’ displays, and we had lots of fun.

After our own presentations, the judges gave us helpful feedback to improve our projects.

We only won a participation award, but it was a great experience and we hope to do it again next year 🙂

By Sophie Li and Riley Xu

***Note: Sophie’s project was about the recent discovery of the seven “exoplanets” orbiting a small star called Trappist-1, about 40 light-years from Earth. At least three of these planets are thought to have conditions that might allow life to exist there. 

Riley’s research grew out of her interest in illnesses, which she narrowed down to a study of Alzheimer’s Disease, a disease affecting 564,000 Canadians, mostly in old age.

Congratulations from the German Mills community to these two Mavericks!