Coming UP!

We hope that everyone has had a great weekend together with family and friends.  This week is a short week…but a BUSY week!

XMovement is BACK!  They had so much fun with our GMPS Community for XDance that they are bringing us thier AussieX Program to us this week.  AussieX focuses on Mateship (Good On Ya Mate), Movement (Footy, Cricket, Netball), and Mindfulness.  Each grade will be led through a variety of exercises and activities for a full half day.

  • April 19 – Mrs. Mauchan, Mrs. Kopstick, Mr. Baumann, Mr. Lieberman, Ms. Ghafouri
  • April 20 – Ms. Bergart, Mrs. Goldberg, Mrs. Ferrari, Mr. Chu
  • April 21 – Kindergartens, Mr. Bendahan, Ms, Frohlinger

Junior Basketball Teams are both playing in Area Tournaments this week.  We will be cheering them on!  Go Mavericks!!

Earth Day – The Landscaping Company, Clintar, that helped us plant our tree last fall will be sending us some sunflower plant starter kits this week to hand out to our Primary Students in honour of Earth Day on April 21st.

International Student Visitor – Tomorrow we welcome a new student to Grade 7 who will be studying with us for 6 weeks.  She is staying with one of our GMPS families, as part of a YRDSB Partnership with the Shanghai International School.  What a wonderful opportunity for all involved.  If you are interested in a homestay student or an exchange or a partnership, please make sure to check out the links on the YRDSB site.

Lice Checks – they are coming this week!

Blue Hair – Everyone keeps asking why my hair isn’t blue yet…but blue hair takes hours and as such can’t happen until April 25th.  I promise I will follow through.  It is coming.