York Region Character Community Awards – GMPS represents!

In order to celebrate successes and recognize individuals and organizations in all of York Region who demonstrate positive character attributes in their home, school, work and community, the Character Community Foundation has developed a series of Character Awards.  Last night was the 15th Annual Character Community Character Awards Ceremony. There were over 140 nominees in 15 categories.  For more specific information please visit www.charactercommunity.com

GERMAN MILLS PUBLIC SCHOOL had a total of 4 nominees last night.  A huge showing of the work we are doing here as a school and as a greater community.  Please see below for exerpts from the nominations.

Noam Aufgang, a student here at GMPS was nominated for the category of a Citizen of Character – Elementary.  Noam regularly strives to understand others and offer help where he can, treating everyone with respect and dignity.  He really does look for opportunities to make a difference!  Congratulations Noam on your nomination!  We are very proud of you.

Mrs. Ghafouri, a teacher here at GMPS was nominated for the category of Educator of Character.  Mrs. Ghafouri models and promotes equity and inclusiveness in her class and around the school.  She takes responsiblity to model positive interactions and honors differences.  Congratulations Mrs. Ghafouri on your nomination!  We are so proud of you!

Mrs. Gribilas, a parent here at GMPS was nominated for the category of Character Community Collaboration.  Her tireless effort to make a difference and support the success at GMPS does not go unnoticed.  Her years on School Council have been many, and most recently she chaired the fundraising for our Playground.  Way to go Mrs. Gribilas, we are so proud and thankful!

Ms. Cameron, the Principal here at GMPS was nominated for the category of Educator of Character.  She is dedicated to the students, staff and community of German Mills.  Her hard work and leadership has had a profound impact on everyone.  Ms. Cameron was the winner of her category and we are very proud of her!

A word from Ms. Cameron on being the winner of the award in her category.

“I know it will be shared that I won the award for the category of Educator of Character  – and I am overwhelmed by the win. However, I honestly recognize and believe that my “success” in our community is as the figure head and enthusiastic cheerleader of the hard work each of you do. So, if I had of been required to give a speech tonight, I would have said that this award is testament to The GMPS community and the work that everyone is so willing to engage in. This is a ‘win’ for us.   As always… GO TEAM! ”