You are Invited!

This week you are invited to our SPRING CONCERT to help us celebrate Canada 150!

On Thursday May 4, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. we will be showcasing some of the things we have been up to at school with the theme of celebrating Canada 150.  Tickets are not required and there are no assigned seats, so come early to get your seats and avoid our ‘standing room only’ area!

If you come early, you will have the opportunity to look at Artwork from some of our students.  The art has been created with the environment in mind and each piece has a written portion to talk about how thier art is related to our global environment.  Art will be for sale for a fixed price.  More information will be shared at the concert.

In addition to the Artwork, we have our annual Spring Bookfair!  It is open after school each day this week but will be open after the concert as well.