Youth Ed-tech Summit (YES)

Last week the Youth Ed-tech Summit (YES) was held at Bill Crothers SS. YES is a one-day student centered forum for YRDSB students and staff to co-learn while demonstrating and experiencing a multitude of methods for engaging technology in their personal learning.  

This year at GMPS, we were fortunate enough to bring 10 student leaders and 5 student learners to this incredible event. Our student leaders worked tirelessly over the last few months planning their proposals, creating their lessons, practicing their instruction and revising, revising, revising!  

One group presented two double-sessions on the process of creating a film, from planning to producing, using i-Movie. Their workshop had such a profound impact on their learners that one of the films made during their session was shown to the hundreds of participants during the closing remarks! The other group presented two sessions on using Scratch coding; both sessions were filled to the rim with engaged participants who were eager to share back their learning at their own schools.

Besides bringing home new knowledge of technology, our leaders gained a true understanding of the challenge and fulfilment of being leaders and teachers and our participants are motivated to bring back their learning to our entire school. We look forward to reaching all students, with the knowledge gained from our experiences, in the near future!