A Fantastic Night!

Thank you to everyone who came out to travel Canada with us and do some math together!  Thank you also to the staff for their hard work pulling this all together. It was INCREDIBLE!  We had over 80 families turn up to learn and have fun together. I hope you were able to find ‘where the math is’. Way to go Mavericks!!!


We are ready and waiting to travel across Canada tonight!  We can’t wait to see you for our Family Math Night.  Please check in with Ms. Cameron to get your passports in the front foyer and when you finish your travels, please come to the office for your math swag bag and your family photo at one of the Canadian Landmarks! We will be here between 6:30-8:00…

Swag bags from last year will be available for purchase for $10 and raffle tickets for the Nutrition Revolution basket will be available for $5 at the check in desk. 

Math Night – For EVERYONE

We just wanted to continue to express our excitement about Family Math Night and encourage families to come and join us.  There has been intentional planning by the staff to make sure that there are activities that are accessible for EVERY age group.  If you have children in the Junior and Intermediate Grades – we encourage you to come with them.

RSVP Here:  http://bit.ly/familymathnightGMPS


EQAO Grades 3 & 6 Parent Letter

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Re: Upcoming EQAO Assessments

Between May 23 and June 2, 2017, your child will be taking part in the provincial Assessment of Reading, Writing and Mathematics, Primary Division (Grades 1-3) or Junior Division (Grades 4-6) created by the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO). This assessment is administered to all Grade 3 & 6 students in Ontario’s publicly funded school system.

This assessment consists of two booklets assessing language and a third booklet assessing mathematics. Each booklet is made up of two sections, for a total of six sections. Each section will take about one hour to complete. The administration of the six sections will be spread out across the two-week window.

EQAO assessment questions are directly based on the expectations set out in The Ontario Curriculum, so your child does not need to prepare in any special way. Students are simply encouraged to do their best and show what they know.

Your child’s results on this assessment are private and will give you an indication of his or her achievement in relation to the provincial standard. The results do not affect your child’s grades or report card in any way. They will, however, give you information about your child’s learning to add to the overall picture of his or her progress. In September 2017, EQAO will send our school a report on your child’s achievement on the assessment, and we will send it home at that time.

Student results on EQAO assessments are an important source of information about student strengths and areas needing improvement. We can use them as a school community, along with other information, to guide our school improvement initiatives for reading, writing and mathematics. This benefits not only your child but all the students in the school. The results are also used by our school board and the Ministry of Education to direct attention and resources where they are needed.

For more information about EQAO and to view a sample of its assessments, you may visit the Web site www.eqao.com.




Nutrition Revolution 

We have had an incredible 3 weeks and the participation has been incredible. Please remember that even though the Challenges are over that we still encourage the habits of healthy eating to continue.  Hopefully we can have regular challenges to encourage everyone!!  Please see the note from our #nutritionnaire


Parents and Guardians,
I want to THANK YOU and your kids for participating in all of our challenges leading up to the Nutrition Revolution Assembly May 19th! I was SO IMPRESSED with everyone’s support.

I will be drawing for all the AMAZING prizes at the assembly this Friday, May 19th from 2:00-3:00. Good Luck to all our students! Parents are welcome to attend.

If you have any questions regarding the challenges or the Nutrition Revolution please email me. 

Also, be sure to tune into CP24 Breakfast this Friday morning as we show Toronto our Maverick Spirit! Students will be helping me showcase our amazing challenges while we discuss why Nutrition in schools is so important. We’ll be on all morning-set your PVR!

DON’T FORGET TO BUY RAFFLE TICKETS! Tickets are being sold until Friday for a raffle basket containing the following:

  • 4 passes to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre
  • Eat Right Ontario kit (water bottle, salad container, apron, grocery list & pen)
  • 2 boxes of Chickapea pasta
  • 2 free UBeLivinSmart school safe snack products
  • 4 IronKids Nutrition Snack Bars
  • 1 box of Love Child Organic Fruity Chomps
  • 2 x Sunbutter Sunflower Butter
  • T-Shirt

Tickets are 1 for $2, 3 for $5. On sale until May 19th.  All proceeds go to German Mills Healthy Snack Initiative.

Thank you again to everyone-see you on the schoolyard!

Seanna Thomas