Possible Exposure to Pediculosis

For parents in grades 2-6

September 29, 2017

A Message to Families About Possible Exposure to Pediculosis (Head Lice)

Dear parents/guardians,

We have confirmed cases of Pediculosis at school.  Your child may have come into contact with a student who has pediculosis (head lice) and due to the re-organization of classes last week, contact has become even more possible. Head lice are common in school-aged children. They are not considered to be a communicable disease and do not cause illness, however they are a nuisance and can spread easily.  Anyone can get them.

The attached information sheet from the Canadian Pediatric Society contains more information about the identification, treatment and prevention of head lice.

We encourage you to check your child’s head. If your child has nits (eggs) and/or live lice, we request that you notify the school and apply treatment as soon as possible. Your child can continue to attend school when they are free of live pediculosis and when treatment has begun.  We are fortunate to have lice checks happening next week, so if you would like to have your child’s head checked, please ‘opt in’ on cash online.

For further information about head lice, please contact York Region Health Connections at 1-800-361-5653.


Krysten Cameron