Safety First – Pick up and Drop off

Happy Monday!  It is hard to believe we are in October already – time flies when you are having fun!  We need your help and support with keeping our parking lot and drop off areas safe and running smoothly.  Please see the attached information from the By-law officers of Markham and remember our school rules.

  1. Please do NOT park against the curb in our bus loop at ANY time. This is not an issue in the morning but afterschool the entire loop has been parked.  This is for EMERGENCY vehicles and buses ONLY.  You may park in the lot or on the streets but NEVER in the loop.  Tickets will be issued by Parking Officers in the coming weeks.
  2. When you drop your children off in the morning, please leave the tarmac area (this includes Kindergarten parents).  We need to be able to supervise ALL students and have a visual on all students without anyone in the way of our scanning.  In addition, you are not a ‘known’ adult to all students in the yard.  You may stand to the edge or behind the fence along the loop.  This has been running smoothly for the last four years – let’s keep it up!
  3. Please do not park against the curb in the loop at any time.  This includes when you are dropping lunches or other items or just doing a quick pick up.  Please use a parking spot or the street.  Again, this is for Emergency Vehicles only.  Tickets will be issued.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation and support.  For further details, please refer to the school start-up package.

Letter to Schools Regarding Parking Issues and Parking Regulations – 2017