Staying in the Loop

We are halfway through October and time is flying past us!  You may be ‘in the loop’ with your children’s teachers, but it is nice to have the whole picture too, so once or twice a month we will endeavour to send out a summary of all of the whole school items and activities.

In the classrooms – Our Grades 4-8 students are paricipating in the Global Read Aloud program.  If you follow any of the classes on Twitter, you can see the conversations they are having about what htyey are reading, with students from around the globe!  Our Primary students are gearing up to have a Family Reading Night – details will be available this week.

Touchstone Everyone at GMPS has learned about the Touchstone.  We endeavour to make it part of how we do business day in and day out.  We have the Touchstone posted in every room, the office, and outside on the Kindergarten fence.  We will be having our Touchstone and Character Matters assembly on October 30th at 9:15 am for anyone interested and available to attend.  We will be recognizing students for their work with ‘Responsibility’.

Athletics – As you have seen on the Blog, our Cross Country Team had a short and very sweet season.  We took a large group of students to both the Area and the Regional events and everyone ran thier hearts out.  Our Intermediate boys and girls volleyball seasons are both underway and the teams are shaping up to be outstanding!  Go Mavericks!

Clubs and Activities – we are getting our clubs and activities up and running.  In addition to what the staff offer, there are also paid providers who offer programs at lunch.  We are waiting to hear back from a few but at thsi time we can say that Guitar classes will be starting in January.

EDSBY – As you have heard, Edsby is the platform we will be using for a number of things in the coming year.  The first thing we need the system for is setting up interviews for parent and teacher interview night (November 23/24).  Please make sure you sent in your Hot Pink paper so that we have the ability to set you up!

Safety – Thank you to everyone who is remembering the drop off and pick up procedures.  Please do not park along the curb at any time – use the lot or the street.  It is tempting when we are rushing or when the Principal isn’t on duty, but it really makes a difference in efficiency and safety when we all play by the rules.  ALSO – with regards to safety, you may have heard that we had our Bus Safety training last week.  Everyone received training both on and off the bus to ensure we are well equiped for when we ride the bus.  Finally, with regards to our FANTASTIC playground, things have been going really well.  When students are on the playstructure – to avoid injury and upset – please have students use the structure for the purpose it was built for.

School Council – on Monday October 23rd at 7:00p.m. in the library, we have our School Council meeting and everyone is welcome.  Babysitting is provided.  Please note that we will be discussing the Cookie Dough  fundraiser and we will be looking at the EQAO data and School Climate Data.  The agenda and notes will be posted on the blog when available.

Stay in the Loop!