Halloween at GMPS

Hey Mavericks!

Just a few helpful reminders about Halloween at GMPS.  We acknowledge that not everyone celebrates Halloween and as such, costumes are not a requirement.  Students are welcome to wear their costumes if they would like, but orange and black, or regular clothing is also fine.  School and classes will continue as normal – we know that Halloween parties will be happening in homes across the neighbourhood on Tuesday night.

If your children are wearing costumes on Tuesday, please do not send any replica weapons that may accompany the costume and please no masks that cover the entire face and/or head.  Please do not send food with students to share with their classes as due to allergies and other food restrictions, we cannot share food.  In the days following Halloween, screen your kids’ snacks to make sure that nut products and candy containing nuts do not come to school.

Happy Trick or Treating!  Please be safe and HAVE FUN!