Coming soon to the German Mills School Library: Our New MakerSpace!

What is a MakerSpace?

MakerSpaces are places where students gather to take safe risks through creative thinking, collaboration, exploration, and problem-solving. MakerSpaces fit within the domain of school libraries because libraries are the learning hub in the school, and the library space is accessible to all students. Learning activities in the MakerSpace are monitored and supervised by classroom teachers.

Some MakerSpaces feature:

  1. Crafting and colouring activities
  2. Building and construction
  3. Robotics and coding
  4. Green screen technology

Each MakerSpace is as unique as the school community in which it is found. Here at German Mills, we are proud Mavericks! Our staff and students honour our school touchstone, and we are mindful about developing and extending our growth mindset. We envision that our new MakerSpace will foster initiative taking, celebrate technology and design, encourage collaboration and co-construction, and promote artistic interest and talent.

How you can help support our new MakerSpace initiative:

If you are interested in supporting the new MakerSpace and have any of our needed items at home and are not using them, we would love to have them here at school.  We are looking for donations of gently used K’nex sets, Lego pieces and bins (not kits), dominoes, tinker toys sets, etc.

Thank you for supporting our new MakerSpace initiative!