Character Matters at GMPS

Every month, we focus on a Character Trait and a part of our Maverick Touchstone.  At the end of the month we recognize students who have stood out to exemplify that trait in that month, and we introduce the trait for the following month.  We encourage you to discuss the traits at home and look for examples of how we demonstrate good character in everyday life.

Parents are welcome to attend the assembly, and the parents of those students who are receiving an award are sent an invitation.  There is a chart below that shows which trait and touchstone line we focus on each month. Dates for the assemblies are posted on the street sign in front of the school and will be on the Google Calendar under the Blog’s Calendar tab.  We have moved the time of the assemblies to 9:15 to make it easier for parents to attend, however please do not feel obligated to come if you are unable because we will send the certificates home.

Our next assembly, for Courage, will be on DECEMBER 4th

Character Trait Touchstone Line



We embrace people for who they are


We do the right and stop the wrong


We take risks and can unlock the future


We strive to do our best


We understand that our words have impact on others


We cherish teamwork; collaboration and leadership matter


Equity rings true in our school


We shine a bright light on the environment


Bullying behaviour is never acceptable


German Mills Mavericks burst with pride and confidence