Intermediate Girls Volleyball

The Intermediate girls volleyball team started their season in late September. Over the course of the season, the girls have improved tremendously, both individually and as a team. With the guidance of our coaches, Mr. Bendahan, Mr. Chu, Ms. Shapero, and the leadership of our team captains, Mandy and Tara, we had an amazing and extraordinary volleyball season this year, probably one of the best!

We started the season off strong, defeating Henderson in our first exhibition game, who ended up being our biggest rival, and closest acquaintances. In the games after, we battled it out with many other competitors, all ranging in skill and experience. Before we knew it, it was the week before the Area Tournament and we had one more hurdle to jump beforehand, crushing the boys team. At the end, we came out with the win, it was great practice and an even better game.

The day of the tournament rolled around, and we walked in with our heads held high. We were up against four other teams and were fully intent on giving it our all. In the Round Robin, we came in second, triumphing over most of the other teams, including Henderson, but unfortunately lost to Frechette by a two point differential. Next up came the semi-finals, which would decide the teams moving on to the Area Finals. As the team in second, we ended up going face-to-face with the third place team, who also turned out to be Henderson. We played an amazing game against them, we all played to the best of our ability, but ended off being defeated by our rivals. The last game was probably the best game I had the opportunity to play, and although we didn’t make it to Area Finals, we felt more connected than ever. In my opinion, the most disappointing part of it was not losing, but the fact that I may not ever get to play with the rest of these girls again. We started off strong, and ended up stronger. We learned so much from each other in this season and can’t wait for more improvement in the future, and more volleyball.

Absent: Mr.Chu

Progress Reports

Term One Progress Reports are coming home Wednesday after school.  Please take the time to review the reports and celebrate the learning of each of your children and acknowledge the next steps for growth.  At GMPS we have a Growth Mindset.  We work from the understanding that there are always opportunities for learning and there is power in the word ‘YET’.  We remind each other that if we can’t do something, that we just can’t do it YET – with more practise and opportunity we will learn and grow.

These Progress Reports are intended to give an indication to students and parents of how students are progressing towards the end goals of Term One.  Please take careful note of the Learning Skills portion of the Progress Report.  These skills can greatly impact learning and are key to success in all areas of life.

If you haven’t had a chance to sign up for a Parent/Teacher Interview, please register for Edsby and then sign up to come and see us.  We know that parent and teacher communication is essential!

Reminder that there is NO school on Friday.  If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to the teacher or contact Ms. Cameron. We look forward to welcoming you on Thursday evening and Friday morning.




Safety First

At GMPS we are very fortunate to have such a friendly and helpful Crossing Guard.  His name is Tony and he does a great job in rain, shine and snow keeping our kids and community safe.  If you haven’t had a chance to say hello to Tony – we invite you roll down your window and say hello!

There are a few reminders we would like to share to help keep everyone safe!

  • Please SLOW down in the school zone
  • Stop before the sidewalk when exiting the parking lot and do not pull forward until Tony gives the all clear
  • Do not park or pull up to unload along the curb within 15 feet of the crosswalk
  • When Tony has his stop sign up, please stop at the 15 foot line
  • Do not text and drive



Cookie Dough Wrap Up

Hey Mavericks!

Time is running out!  All orders are due to the school on this THURSDAY November 23rd.  If you haven’t had a chance to place your order yet or are curious to see what other products are available, check out the link to place an order.

Ms. Cameron likes the lemon loaf and loves to eat cookie dough late at night with a spoon. Her favourite is the Triple Crown but she is most excited to try the Caramel and Sea Salt cookies.  Have you asked your teacher what their favourite flavour is?

Don’t lose out!  Order today and support GMPS!

(The Marlies game and tour that were offered as a prize are scheduled for Family Day, which is February 19, 2018)

Coming soon to the German Mills School Library: Our New MakerSpace!

What is a MakerSpace?

MakerSpaces are places where students gather to take safe risks through creative thinking, collaboration, exploration, and problem-solving. MakerSpaces fit within the domain of school libraries because libraries are the learning hub in the school, and the library space is accessible to all students. Learning activities in the MakerSpace are monitored and supervised by classroom teachers.

Some MakerSpaces feature:

  1. Crafting and colouring activities
  2. Building and construction
  3. Robotics and coding
  4. Green screen technology

Each MakerSpace is as unique as the school community in which it is found. Here at German Mills, we are proud Mavericks! Our staff and students honour our school touchstone, and we are mindful about developing and extending our growth mindset. We envision that our new MakerSpace will foster initiative taking, celebrate technology and design, encourage collaboration and co-construction, and promote artistic interest and talent.

How you can help support our new MakerSpace initiative:

If you are interested in supporting the new MakerSpace and have any of our needed items at home and are not using them, we would love to have them here at school.  We are looking for donations of gently used K’nex sets, Lego pieces and bins (not kits), dominoes, tinker toys sets, etc.

Thank you for supporting our new MakerSpace initiative!

Today at GMPS

Good Morning!

Today is Wacky Wednesday – get your wackiest outfit on and head to school.  Be sure to check out what Mrs. Whitfield is wearing today…she has spirit!!

TONIGHT –  as previously advertised, there is a free parenting session on ‘Sibling Rivalry’ tonight in the library for anyone interested.  There is childcare available.  The street sign said we are starting at 6:30 p.m. but in fact we are starting tonight at 7:00 p.m. and will be finished at 9:00 p.m.

Heads Up – tomorrow is Tupperware Thursday for spirit week…which means we are asking families to send litterless lunches to school (no garbage/baggies/wrappers).  Give it a try!  Friday is PAJAMA DAY!

Cookie Dough and QSP

Orders are rolling in!  We are hoping to raise $2700.00 towards technology and towards the Library.

All orders are due to the school on November 23rd.  The Marlies game and tour that were offered as a prize are scheduled for Family Day, which is February 19, 2018.

If you are interested in shopping online, go to and enter our code, 4358933

Cookie Dough will be available at the school for pick up before the Winter Holiday Break – we are aiming for December 14th