Inclement Weather Today

Good Morning GMPS!

Due to continued weather warnings issued by Environment Canada and poor driving conditions, school bus and taxi transportation in York Region has been cancelled.

The school remains open today – but there will be no buses or taxis to or from school this afternoon. If you choose to drive your child(ren) to school, please make sure you can pick them up at 3:45 pm

For those who are walking, please be very careful and give cars extra space for stopping and turning.

Congee Cup Finale

6 weeks ago, 6 teams embarked on a quest… a quest for the Congee Cup. Finally, after a grueling round robin and intense playoff, we can now call TEAM 1, The Congee Cup Champions. Team 1 played with chemistry, never giving up and always working together to overcome the challenges they faced. When things didn’t go their way, they would huddle up and formulate a new plan of attack. For his performance and contributions to the team and tournament, Captain Isaiah has been named the 2017 Congee Cup Most Valuable Player.

An official count has not been made yet, but we raised almost $1000 in this year’s tournament with funds going to support the grade 8 graduation.

Planning, promoting and running this tournament is not an easy task. In fact, it would not have been possible without the dedication, commitment, and tireless effort of the Congee Cup Committee made up entirely of grade 7 and 8 students. They are the reason why the 9th annual floor hockey tournament was such a success. The setup, prep work, organization, and production of the tournament was flawless. It was their efforts off the court and on the sidelines that created a real Canadian hockey atmosphere inside the gym.

Once again congratulations to Team 1 and to all players and teams that participated in the tournament. We look forward to seeing some of you back next year and to welcome new students wanting to participate in the tournament.

Yours truly,

Congee Cup Commisioner M. Bendahan

Phones Fixed

Thank you everyone for your patience and cooperation this morning. We are now up and running! Phones and internet have returned and if you need to reach us please call the school. 905-889-8776.


Phone and Internet Issues

Good Morning GMPS!

Please be aware that we have no phone or internet at the school this morning. We have technicians onsite to repair the issue but in the meantime, please email to report an absence or an issue as I have email to my phone.

We will keep you updated with progress.