Author Visit

On Wednesday, December 6th, our grade 3-6 students attended a special presentation by Mike Wade, author of the And Then It Happened novel series. Mike’s visit was full of humour and inspiring ideas. He shared about how he got started as an author. Mike has written 13 books in 13 years; he writes one new, thin book each year. He takes that long because he writes his first drafts and then re-writes each story several times until it’s ready to be published. He told us about the power of everyday words, and that reading is exercise for your brain. He inspired us to read for pleasure, and told us that pleasure reading is good for us. His presentation was not only funny, it also motivated us to become better writers. He says that you do not have to be special to be a writer, you just need to stay in school, and the only catch is you have to work on your re-writes. As Mavericks, we strive to do our best each and every day, and we use our growth mindsets to improve our work. He told us it is important to stay in school. Who knows? Maybe one day, some of our Mavericks will become famous humour writers like Mike Wade!