Congee Cup Update

One month ago, students across grade 7 and 8 embarked on a quest for floor hockey supremacy. And today the quest for the Congee Cup enters the playoff stage of the tournament. If last Friday’s thrilling overtime game is a sign of things to come in the playoffs, then we are in for a treat. The round robin was close and for the first time ever, we had a 3 way tie for first place. We had to look at head to head, goal differential and then finally goals against, just to sort out the top 3. In the end we have Team 1 in 1st place, Team 4 a.k.a The Feather Duster’s in 2nd, Team 2 in third place and closing out the 4th playoff spot is Team 3. Each round of the playoffs will be a best of 3 games. Game 1 goes today at lunch in the gym. Good luck to the remaining teams and stayed tuned for more updates.