Term One Wrap Up

Good Afternoon Mavericks!

I have sat down about 8 times to write this blog post and things have been so busy around school that I keep getting pulled away!

The report cards have all gone home and we hope that you have taken the opportunity with your kids to reflect on their accomplishments and to discuss next steps and goals.  There is a tendency for many of us to read the marks on the report card and place our focus solely there – but the Learning Skills are equally as important as the content areas.  Spend time talking about the process of learning as well as the product or final learning.  At school when we talk about having a Growth Mindset, we talk about it using an analogy of a journey or a ladder.  There is a lot of learning that happens along the way to the end result – just like the journey includes the travel as well as the destination!  Your child may not be able to do something YET, there is always learning to be done.

Thank you for your continued support of the learning we do here at GMPS.  We look forward to what is ahead of us this term.  You are encouraged to reach out to the Teachers to discuss the learning at school if needed and to engage with the materials that come home in the backbacks and on the Google Class and Group blogs.  Are you following us on Twitter?  Many of us have Twitter accounts too! @GermanMillsPS

Have a wonderful week!

K. Cameron