Another great day at the Music Alive Festival!

On Tuesday, March 27th, the junior band travelled to St. Elizabeth’s (YDCSB Centre for Performing Arts), to perform two outstanding pieces of music, Abide With Me, and Quest of Black Knight. There were a lot of very good bands there as well, who were very musical. It was our first time ever performing and I was a little nervous at first. Then I imagined that I was just in our own music room, and I was able to overcome my nerves. Our adjudicator was very impressed with our sound and our posture. She also gave us good feedback to improve our playing. I am happy to say that we continued the streak set by last year’s junior band, for getting the top rating possible. Yes, we got GOLD!  It was a great experience to go and perform for other people at such a great theatre.
By Ben Gigi