Science Fair Success!

Riley, Christina, Noam, and Sophie have been working very hard on an extra-curricular science and technology fair project. They have been working since the beginning of November and they have been getting intermittent feedback and conferencing from Mr. Lieberman. Riley and Christina’s project took on the task of seriously improving the exhaust quality on vehicles, particularly cars. They tackled the problem at its core by creating an attachable filter for a car’s exhaust pipe, that not only filter’s the large pollutants, but filters the particulate matter, also known as, particle matter, hence the name PM2.5 Reducer. Noam and Sophie’s project sought to improve the transportation and quality of those who must walk great lengths for their water supply. Their Potable Portable Water Filter allows the individual to roll their water home, rather than carry it. At the same time, the built-in charcoal filter would filter the quality of the ground or well water in their device. Both teams entered their projects into the York Region Science and Technology Fair just this past weekend. It was a two-day event that included set-up, workshops, presentations, and the always nerve-racking judging round and awards ceremony. They were competing against students from all across York Region in grades 7-12. Both teams won a silver medal for their amazing projects and presentations! Noam and Sophie also won a special Vladimir Vernadsky award for the best idea that best supports sustainable development. Mr. Lieberman and the rest of the German Mills community are very proud of these four ambitions scientists in the making!