Colour Houses start TOMORROW

Hey Mavericks!

Apologies for the late post – so please don’t worry if you can’t make it work for tomorrow….BUT…we are starting our Colour Houses at German Mills tomorrow afternoon.  Each student has been put into a Colour House, or Team – and we are having a kick off assembly in the afternoon.  If you know what colour your child has been put into, we ask that you send them to school wearing something that has that colour.  We will be working with our teams to build cheers and chants to energize and encourage the group.

Colour Houses are ways to continue to build team and school spirit.  They are also an opportunity for students from K-8 to mix together and learn from and with each other.  It will improve our sense of belonging, encourage collaboration, add fun to the school and more!  As we roll out this initiative, more information will be provided.


Maverick Madness

The Maverick Madness basketball tournament is down to the final four. We’ve experienced some exciting moments throughout the tournament and are expecting even more as we head into the semi-finals. Go Mavericks!

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone for heeding the warnings this morning regarding the state of our outside area. A huge thank you to our parent, Dave Estrien, who showed up with his snowplow to help us out! Another huge thank you to our caretakers and our crossing guard for helping to keep us safe.

We will have indoor recess today!

If your child is absent, please enter it in Edsby or call us. Thank you.


Our parking lot and tarmac were not cleared this weekend. It is EXTREMELY slippery. Exercise caution when entering our loop or avoid it altogether if you can.

If you are not wearing boots do not exit your car. Ms. Cameron will be outside to walk kids in at 8:45.

Inclement Weather

Good Morning!

Today has been declared an inclement weather day. All buses, taxis and extra-curricular activities have been cancelled.

Please be aware that if you choose to drive your child to school, you will also have to pick them up as there will be no buses this afternoon either. School ends at 3:30 p.m.

We ask that you exercise extreme caution while walking and driving today- stay safe! Remind children to give cars extra time and space to stop.

We will have an indoor entry. Beginning at 8:45am students may enter their classrooms. There will be no supervision outside and the park is Closed.

Thank you!