YES! and…Get Ready to make your Minds ‘TIC’ night on May 30th!

YES!  Get ready to make your minds TIC night on May 30th!

Last Wednesday, May 9th, thirteen students from GMPS had the opportunity to attend the Youth-Edtech Summit (YES) at Keswick High School.  In its third year, the summit provides student leaders a chance to share knowledge and engage in learning with other like-minded peers from across the school board.  This year, GMPS students in grades 4-8 were able to create a display according to an area of passion in the STEAM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) and enjoy hearing about the passions of others.  Members of our Lego Robotics championship team held two successful “spotlight” sessions that had students of all ages engaging in programming EV3 robots around an incredible maze (constructed by our custodian Steve!).

In the afternoon, our students were able to select two sessions of interest with the hope that they would bring their new knowledge back to school to inspire others.  And our leaders are ready to go! We are thrilled to announce that all junior and intermediate students will have a chance to engage in STEAM learning at our inaugural German Mills Public School night of Technology, Innovation, and Creativity (TIC)!  Student leaders from a variety of grades will host STEAM themed activities that will encourage students to build their problem solving, creativity, collaboration and innovation skills!

Stay tuned for more information as we start our preparations….