After The May Scholastic “Paws for Books” Fair

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After The May Scholastic “Paws for Books” Fair

Dear German Mills Parents and Families,

Our Scholastic Book Fair was a great success! Although we didn’t quite meet our sales target, we did sell over $2650.00 worth of items, which is pretty good considering it was our 2nd book fair of the school year. Since it was our 2nd Book Fair of the school year, we received almost $250 in bonus dollars which were taken in new books. In total, we chose over $620 in books for readers of all ages and abilities before we packed up the fair. We were delighted to witness so many happy reader faces, and we were proud to receive lots of praise for hosting a 2nd book fair. We still have over $860 banked away which we will apply to new books next Fall, after we re-open our school library with it’s new flooring.

We are ever so thankful to our hardworking student and adult volunteers for their commitment to our school book fair. We really couldn’t have done it without all of your help, nor would we want to. Thanks also to all of our German Mills families and friends for helping us foster a love for reading, literacy, and all types of learning! We can’t wait to see you at next year’s book fairs!

Mrs. Adams, Teacher-Librarian