Today’s Dismissal

Just a reminder that school ends today at 12:00p.m.. Students who regularly take the bus home will have bus service at 12:00 p.m.

Thank you and have a safe and wonderful summer! See you on Tuesday September 4th!!

Going Green!

At GMPS we have been taking many steps to support the worldwide need to protect and repair our environment.  One way we can make a difference is with regards to single use plastics.  Purchasing in bulk and sending in reusable containers, skipping the straws and sending reusable cutlery instead of plastic.

School Council is kicking off the school year with a Fundraiser to support this initiative – the sale of reusable items for lunches and other uses.  Keep this in mind as you prepare for the school year – any purchases of ziploc bags can be limited etc.

Have a look…

Fall Fundraiser

Report Cards

Report CardsThe Term Two Report Cards are coming home this afternoon.  I have enjoyed reading them and remembering of all of the wonderful learning opportunities we have had here this year.  Please take this opportunity to celebrate with your children all that they have accomplished over the school year and reflect on areas for growth and next steps.

Inside the envelope with the report card are a number of different things, including a letter of thanks and best wishes from the Principal.  Not included in this years report card is the name of your teacher for next year.  We have a number of staff that have left over the course of this school year and who are leaving at the end of the year.  As mentioned at the Farewell BBQ, Mrs. Baczynski, Mrs. Pivetta, Mrs. Kopstick, Mrs. Chudy, Mrs. Ferrari, Ms. Cameron, Ms. Spizzirri, Mr. Mejia, Mrs. Babaei,  and Mrs. Meuller, are all leaving German Mills for next school year.  We wish them well as they journey to new adventures!

For next year, your teacher and class will be shared the first day of school.  More information about the process will be posted on the Blog in August.   Below is the school organization.

  • FDK 1
  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2/3
  • Grade 2/3
  • Grade 3/4
  • Grade 4/5
  • Grade 5/6
  • Grade 6/7
  • Grade 7
  • Grade 7/8
  • Grade 7/8
  • Grade 8



Our Track Stars!

This week, two of our students competed in the Regional Track and Field Meet at Stouffville Arena. They qualified to compete with the best of the best athletes in all of York Region and they certainly represented German Mills very well! Congratulations to Christina (1500m) and Marek (100m) for your tremendous effort! Marek finished in 7th place throughout the region, and Christina was able to surpass the competitor who finished first at the Area meet last week. We hope to hear of your future success as you both move on to high school next year. We are so proud!