Grade 8 Parents and Students

With less than 24 hours to go…a few reminders!  WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!

Please remember these few things

  1. Do not pack your entire wardrobe – the nights are colder so long pants and sweatshirt but options of shorts and t-shirts for the daytime, closed toe shoes for activities (no flipflops allowed for activities), pillow, sleeping bag or sheet and blanket, toiletries, bug spray, sunscreen, hat….see your list
  2. NO technology or devices with data.  We are unplugging for mental well being and for mutual respect and safety.  There is also no where to lock valuables so don’t send what you can’t lose.
  3. Medication – submit to the office in the morning tomorrow and fill out the appropriate paperwork – this includes over the counter medication like Tylenol, Advil and Allegra etc.
  4. The bus will leave around 9:30 am.  Please arrive at the usual start time for school and bring your things into the library.
  5. We will update the Blog a few times a day to keep parents ‘in the loop’.  If you need to reach us, please call Muskoka Woods or German Mills or email and we will connect you with your child.

We have no doubt that all of our students will conduct themselves appropriately as Mavericks.  This trip is going to be AMAZING!