Keeping our students safe!

Keeping students safe in our school parking lot

Many elementary schools offer a Kiss N’ Ride program, where parents/guardians can drop off and pick up their children at a designated area on school property. The program was established to provide a convenient and safe option for our students and parents driving to school. To ensure the safety of staff and students, we ask all parents/guardians to be mindful of the following guidelines:

  • There is no parking and no waiting in the Kiss and Ride lane. Pay attention to the traffic in front of you and pull forward as cars move forward. If you choose to park in the parking lot, please escort your child to or from the nearest foot patroller and use the main crosswalk.
  • Vehicles entering the Kiss N’ Ride lane must stay in the designated lane, unless otherwise directed by a staff member or volunteer.
  • The Kiss N’ Ride program is only available to students who are able to disembark independently.
  • Have your child ready to exit the car when you reach the curb. Students may only exit from the passenger (right) side of the vehicle.
  • After picking up or dropping off your child, leave promptly so that others can get in behind you.
  • If your child is not waiting for you in the Kiss and Ride area at the end of the day, please circle the parking lot, if permitted, and rejoin the line or park in a designated parking space to wait.
  • Always respect traffic flow and abide all traffic laws and signs.

Thank you for your attention to this important safety issue!