Construction at German Mills

I am excited to announce that beginning early in November, Nature’s Instruments will begin the process of enhancing the outdoor play space at German Mills Children’s Academy, which is shared by our Junior and Senior Kindergarten students. This enhancement will include natural surfaces, trees, shrubs, and wooden features.

As with all construction, there will be a bit of a disruption. Outside of the Kindergarten  playground will be a fenced storage area for the construction materials and equipment.  Our primary alcove will have temporary fencing for our Kindergarten students to continue their outdoor exploration and play.  Our Primary Grade Students (Ms. Mauchan’s class, Ms. Bergart’s class, and Ms. Pastein/Ms Prince’ class) will enter and exit through the front doors, and at recess times will travel along the path at the front of the school to get to the tarmac area.

Pick up and Drop off by parents will happen along the path that is located behind the wooden fence.  The project is anticipated to take between 1 and 2 weeks, and I am committed to communicating the details of the project as it is in process to ensure everyone’s safety.

We are looking forward to the new outdoor space as it will extend and expand the learning environment and development, for our earliest learners.