Congee Cup Championship Parade

Although the Congee Cup is over, Team Antetetekoumpo decided to have one last hoorah! The first ever Congee Cup Championship Parade was held this morning and unlike the Raptor’s parade, this venue was able to comfortably accommodate the millions of fans who showed up to high five their favourite players and join in on the celebration. 

German Mills hasn’t  seen this much media attention since it’s grand opening in 1976. Sports media and personalities from all over the country turned out to grab an interview with some of the participants and report on the excitement that has electrified Simonston Blvd for almost 2 months. The players agreed to delay  their championship trip to Disney Land in order to stick around for the parade and they had no regrets.

“Winning the Congee Cup and being a part of this celebration is one of the proudest moments of my entire sports career…maybe even my life,” said one of the players. 

This concludes our coverage of the 2019 Congee Cup Floor Hockey Tournament. We hope everyone enjoys their winter break and we look forward to the Maverick Madness Basketball tournament in the new year. 


Congee Cup Final

The final and decisive game 3 of the Congee Cup Floor Hockey Championship was played today and became an instant classic. Team Chick-Fil-A 2.0 jumped out to a quick lead scoring the first goal but they soon found themselves in penalty trouble when they got caught twice with too many players on the court. Team Antetetekoumpo took advantage of the power-play and scored a goal to tie it up. The pace of the game was keeping the thousands in attendance on the edge of their seats. With end to end action and solid goaltending, no one could predict who was going to win this battle. 

Team Antetekoumpo kept up the pressure and was able to score a goal mid way through the second half to put them up 2-1. However, Team Chick-Fil-A 2.0 was not ready to hang up the pinnies just yet. Led by an inspired Captain Ben, they mustered an offensive push that led to Ryan scoring the game tying goal. With the crowd in absolute pandemonium, Jayden of Team Antetetekoumpo battled his way past several players, closed his eyes and let it rip! The crowd roared into a frenzy as Jayden potted his third goal and put his team ahead 3-2. With about a minute to play, Chick-Fil-A 2.0 would simply not go quietly into the night. They mounted an intense puck possession and pressure but it was Mayan of Team Antetetekoumpo playing deep behind enemy lines breaking up the offense pressure heading his team’s way. Mayan’s relentless fore-check allowed his team to run out the clock and hold on for the victory. 

Congratulations to Team Antetetekoumpo on winning the 2019 Congee Cup Floor Hockey Tournament. This one will go down in the books as the most exciting final since the tournaments’ inception in 2008. We would like to thank the CCSC (Congee Cup Student Committee) who worked tirelessly for the past 8 weeks planning, promoting, organizing and running the event. A final count still needs to be done, but the tournament has raised just under $2000. These funds will go towards our Grade 8 graduation. Thank you to all the students who came out to watch the games and support the tournament fundraiser. You made this year’s Congee Cup the most successful one yet. A final thank you to the teachers who helped supervise and referee the tournament. 

Wishing everyone a very happy holiday season!

Good News about our Healthy Snack Program

Dear GMPS Families

We are very pleased to be able to announce some GREAT NEWS about our Healthy Snack Program for 2020!

After a brief hiatus this fall, we will be reintroducing our Healthy Snack Program in January, thanks to the assistance of our parent volunteers. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, a selection of fresh fruit and healthy snacks will be available to students.

We continue to welcome additional volunteer support to expand this program. Please contact the office if you are interested.

Congee Cup Finals

Game 2 of the Congee Cup Finals was an epic match-up between two teams hungry to hoist the cup. Facing elimination, Team Chick-Fil-A 2.0 made some adjustments to the lineup by placing rookie goaltender Arya in net. Chick-Fil-A jumped out to a 3-0 lead and it looked like they were going to easily win game 2. However, there is a reason Team Antetetekoumpo is the top ranked team in the league. They kept their composure and slowly chipped away at the lead. Jayden scored a hat-trick and tied the game with only a few seconds to go sending it to overtime. However, it was Captain Ben of the Chick-Fil-A’ who was the hero of the game. Taking a wicked shot off the face off and sending it top shelf to win the game and force a decisive game 3. Game 3 is set to play today at lunch and we are expecting record crowds to be in attendance. Who will complete their quest for the Congee Cup? Tune in later today to find out. ​

Sharing our Learning in Grade 4 and 5

The Grade 4/5’s in Ms. Breda’s class have been working hard over the last few weeks to showcase their learning at yesterday’s science fair. The Grade 4’s  created a 3D model of a chosen habitat. Their habitats included plants, animals,  the things animals need for survival and threats that they may face. The Grade 5’s used their inquiry skills to chose a medical condition or disease and display their learning in a 3D model and slideshow.  Thank you to all the classes who joined in our learning! 

Congee Cup Finals

Game 1 of the Congee Cup Finals was played yesterday in front of a capacity crowd at the Maverick Arena.  Team Antetetetekoumpo followed their game plan and gave the opposition NO TIME and NO SPACE to operate. Captain Demetri did not see much action in net but when he did, he made the saves with confidence. He kept encouraging his teammates and ensured consistent line changes. Jayden capitalized on some early scoring chances, going top shelf 3 times and reminding those in attendance why he was the top scorer during the regular season. Team It’s Just Not For Me had a hard time matching the intensity and pace of the game. Had it not been for Team Captain Ben “The Brick Wall”  putting one of the most spectacular goal-tending performance in Congee Cup history, the final score would have been tripled. The final score was 3-0 for Antetetetekoumpo. Team It’s Just Not For Me’s captain has called for a team meeting to formulate a new game plan in order to even up the series. Game 2 is set to play tomorrow at lunch. Good luck players!