We Would Value Your Input In Service Of Student Learning

Dear community members of Germans Mills Public School,

In keeping with the Director’s Annual Plan to raise the achievement and well-being of our underserved and underperforming students, we wish to continue to build trusting and collaborative relationships with students, families and staff through respectful and responsive communication focused on shared solutions.

In response to this directive, we would like to partner with community members to support student growth and learning by inviting community members into our school to share their experiences, expertise, and or knowledge. This sharing may look like:

-Reading literature to students in your first language. (Hindi, Mandarin, Urdu, Swahili, etc.)
-Speaking to students about your profession. (Artist, Computer Scientist, Dancer, Graphic Designer, Novelist, etc.)
-Sharing cultural stories and experiences. (Drawing Henna, Crocheting/Knitting, Folding Origami, etc.)

If you are interested in sharing your knowledge and expertise with our students, kindly access the link below to indicate your preference: