Congee Cup Championship Parade

Although the Congee Cup is over, Team Antetetekoumpo decided to have one last hoorah! The first ever Congee Cup Championship Parade was held this morning and unlike the Raptor’s parade, this venue was able to comfortably accommodate the millions of fans who showed up to high five their favourite players and join in on the celebration. 

German Mills hasn’t  seen this much media attention since it’s grand opening in 1976. Sports media and personalities from all over the country turned out to grab an interview with some of the participants and report on the excitement that has electrified Simonston Blvd for almost 2 months. The players agreed to delay  their championship trip to Disney Land in order to stick around for the parade and they had no regrets.

“Winning the Congee Cup and being a part of this celebration is one of the proudest moments of my entire sports career…maybe even my life,” said one of the players. 

This concludes our coverage of the 2019 Congee Cup Floor Hockey Tournament. We hope everyone enjoys their winter break and we look forward to the Maverick Madness Basketball tournament in the new year.