Sharing our Learning

Celebrating Our Learning: The Grade 3’s from Mr. Tan’s Grade 3/4 class have been learning about the ways that some African-American slaves escaped to freedom from their bad lives in the southern United States. Between 1840-1860, many former slaves were fortunate to begin a new life and settle in Southern Ontario. These slaves bravely traveled along secret routes by following the north star and other shared clues along what has become known as The Underground Railroad. The clue codes were sometimes sewn into what became known as freedom quilts. Here’s a picture of the symbols we chose to include in our class freedom quilt

A Message for the Lunch Lady

Good Morning,

All lunches will be cancelled.  Parents will not need to contact the Lunch Lady to cancel orders – it will be done automatically.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in allowing us to provide the best possible service.

We truly enjoy serving your community and the children!

Best regards,

Marlyn Liem – Franchise Partner