Sharing our Learning

Grade 7’s in Ms. Ghafouri’s class are learning about discrimination and what we can do to stop it. Mrs. Adams read, “I Didn’t Stand Up” by Lucy Falcone to help students reflect upon the importance of standing up for others. 

As our Touchstone says, “ We take responsibility for our actions; we do the right and stop the wrong.” This includes standing up to bullying in all its forms.  

Sharing our Learning

Ms. Ghafouri’s and Ms Khairi’s class have helped celebrate the contributions of Black people (people of African Canadian and African American descent) through morning announcements and biographies. 

Pink Shirt Day is Tomorrow

This year, Pink Shirt Day, or Anti-Bullying Day, is on February 26. It is a day when people come together by wearing pink shirts to school or work to show they are against bullying. The focus for 2020 is “lift each other up.” Students have been encouraged to consider ways that they can lift another person up.