Help Needed

Are you available at lunchtime?

We are looking for Lunch Assistants and someone to cover the office for Mrs.Whitfield 3 days a week. Please spread the word!

Thank you

What’s Happening?

Last week we had an incredibly fun week with XDance.  Hopefully the kids have come home to show off their new dance moves and talk about some of the mindfulness activities and discussions they had.  We look forward to seeing you and your families out this THURSDAY FEB 22 at our own XDance night 6:30-7:30p.m.

February Fun Grams – this initiative is student led and is in an effort to fundraise for our 7/8 Yearbook.  Sales are off to a great start!

Basketball – our Boys Basketball Team came back winners today and are advancing to the next phase on March 1st.  A Blog post will no doubt be coming up!  Way to go Mavs!

Grade 8 – Course selection time is NOW!  Please note that we previously posted about a parent night – and we intend on having one – but we are delayed as we gather all of the details we want to share with you.  Hopefully we can announce the date in a few days.  Sorry about any confusion this may have caused.

Staffing Update – today we welcomed Allen Gilbert to our Caretaking Team

Character Matters– our next assembly is on February 28 at 9:15am

Movie Night – March 1st.  Details to follow this week

***if you have made it this far in the post… we have news! This summer at GMPS we will be having all new flooring put in on the main floor- including in the library, gym, and on the stage. We also will be having new pavement put outside! This is SO exciting! More details to come.

Term One Wrap Up

Good Afternoon Mavericks!

I have sat down about 8 times to write this blog post and things have been so busy around school that I keep getting pulled away!

The report cards have all gone home and we hope that you have taken the opportunity with your kids to reflect on their accomplishments and to discuss next steps and goals.  There is a tendency for many of us to read the marks on the report card and place our focus solely there – but the Learning Skills are equally as important as the content areas.  Spend time talking about the process of learning as well as the product or final learning.  At school when we talk about having a Growth Mindset, we talk about it using an analogy of a journey or a ladder.  There is a lot of learning that happens along the way to the end result – just like the journey includes the travel as well as the destination!  Your child may not be able to do something YET, there is always learning to be done.

Thank you for your continued support of the learning we do here at GMPS.  We look forward to what is ahead of us this term.  You are encouraged to reach out to the Teachers to discuss the learning at school if needed and to engage with the materials that come home in the backbacks and on the Google Class and Group blogs.  Are you following us on Twitter?  Many of us have Twitter accounts too! @GermanMillsPS

Have a wonderful week!

K. Cameron





Our Robotics Teams

Congratulations to our Lego Robotics teams that proudly represented German Mills at the Area Robotics competition. Eight students, two teams of 4, competed against 20 other teams at Nobleton Public School. The teams demonstrated great team work and determination as they worked hard to make adjustments as challenges with their robots arose during the day. German Mills had two top ten finishes with one team placing seventh and the other team placing first. The first place team qualified for the Regional Lego Robotics Championships, which will be held at Seneca on March 1.

Thank you to Mr. Gulab for your hard work too!!

Parking Lot Today!

Good morning Mavericks!

Just a note to let you know 3 things…

1. We have staff from 6 other schools joining us today for some Math professional learning. Our parking lot will be full so at drop off you will need to park on the street or simply pull up to the curb and let your kids out with us. Thank you for your support and understanding with this.

2. Our Robotics team is out competing today. Go Mavericks!!

3. XDance starts today so we will be focusing on Movement, Mindfulness and Mateship!