QSP Cookie Fundraiser Update

We heard back from QSP today and would like to thank and congratulate everyone who supported the fundraiser.  We officially raised $3909.92 – which has purchased two risers for the gym.  Thank you!

The final tallies are in for the classes who will have a pizza party!  The totals were within $50 of each other, so the classes who will get to enjoy a lunch on us – Mrs. Ghafouri, Mrs. Breda and Mrs.Filler/Mrs. Li!  WAY TO GO!!!!

Thank you again.  We look forward to seeing you on December 14th for our concert and to pick up cookie dough.


Congratulations and THANK YOU!

Our QSP Cookie Dough Fundraiser has come to a successful finish!  Thank you to everyone for your support and enthusiasm for this initiative.  We sold $9862.50, which will bring in approximately $4000!!!!  THANK YOU!  We have ordered 2 risers for the gym and are really excited about them – you may even get to see them at our concert on December 14th.  Cookie dough pick up is scheduled for December 14th.

The class that raised the most amount of money was Ms. Ghafouri’s class, followed closely by Mrs. Filler & Mrs. Li’s class!  Special mention to the Campbell family who single handedly raised over $1000.00.  GO MAVERICKS!  Information regarding the pizza parties for the top sellers will be sent home soon.

Author Visit for Students in Grades 3-6

On Wednesday, December 6th, just after 11:30 a.m., our grade 3-6 students will attend a special presentation by Mike Wade, author of the And Then It Happened novel series. The theme of the author visit is “Laughter is the Best Medicine!”, which fits well with our school and school board’s mental health and social-emotional well-being initiatives. The cost per student is $3.10, payable via Cash Online by Tuesday, December 5th. Thank you for supporting this inspiring and entertaining author visit!
Yours truly,
Mrs. Adams, Teacher-Librarian, and the German Mills Team

A message from LifeTouch about School Portraits…

Dear Parents,

As the holiday break quickly approaches many of you have probably forgotten to order your child’s school portraits. Some of you may have misplaced your proof sheet or just thought that maybe it is too late to order. It is NOT too late and you do not need your proof sheet.

Please call 1-800-473-5090 and one of our professional sales team members will help you with the ordering process. All orders received by December 7th will be delivered in time for Christmas. Or pay an additional $3.99 for easy ship to home.
If you have your proof sheets just go to MYLIFETOUCH.CA to order your portraits and take advantage of our wide variety of background selections.

Thank you and Happy Holidays from Lifetouch!