School Improvement Plan

Please see the link to open our School Improvement Plan.

The School Improvement Plan is created by staff, students, and community members and is informed by our school data.  It is a ‘live’ document and is always reviewed and revised as needed.  Currently we have 3 goals that will focus our Professional Learning at the school as well as be the drive behind our school focus and spending.

Our 3 goals:

  1. By June 2016, all students will be able to analyze, explain and apply strategies to solve  (multi-step) mathematical problems as measured by EQAO and teacher-reported evidence.
  2. By June 2016, students will respond to a variety of texts forms by applying higher order critical thinking skills as measured by EQAO and teacher-reported evidence.
  3. By June 2016, students and staff will promote well-being and equity as members of the school community through the development of learning and working environments that are supportive, healthy and safe as measured by parent/teacher input and a school climate survey.

SIP 2013-16